Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands


Combine urban adventure with rural beauty in the British Isles.
History is everywhere you look in the British Isles. The region is home to legendary villages, thatched-roof houses and scores of castles, churches and colleges from centuries past. Cruise to the British Isles to check out the Titanic Belfast monument in Northern Ireland, with its interactive galleries and impressive structure on the old shipyard. Find your craic (Gaelic for "fun") in Ireland amid rolling green hills and local pubs. See the Scottish Highlands, home to the mysterious sites of Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle and Ben Nevis, the United Kingdom's highest peak. If you enjoy city buzz more than country charm, make your way to the Isles' metropolitan epicenter of London and see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge.

Say Yes to Loch Ness
Get your ocean views at the coastal Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, spot the notorious Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish Highlands, and hike through the mountainous Lake District in England's countryside.

A Royally Good Time
Transport yourself to the era of knights and ladies by exploring the many medieval castles of the British Isles. Visit the British Isles to see Scotland's Edinburgh and Eilean Donan Castles, Ireland's Blarney Castle and the royal Windsor Castle in England.

The Grass is Greener
For a taste of local country life, visit the Cotswolds in England, Portree on the Isle of Skye and Ireland's colorful Cobh, which are home to medieval cottages, stunning landscapes and locally owned pubs and shops.

From Pints to Palaces
Each capital city is home to many unique sites, such as The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, which stretches from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace (with many shops and restaurants in between), and Dublin's Guinness Storehouse, where you can sip on a pint of Ireland's famous beer while sitting on a rooftop.

Step It Up
Try one of the walking tours operating daily in all capital cities. These are some of the easiest ways to see the top sites in London: Stroll from the medieval Tower of London to nearby St. Paul's Cathedral in all its Baroque grandeur.

Museum Hop
This culturally rich area offers a variety of museums, including the National Gallery, the British Museum and the National History Museum in London. In Edinburgh, check out the National Museum of Scotland, where you can see everything from giant T.Rex fossils to medieval tapestries.

Emerald Fields &

Vibrant Cities
If you're seeking an adventure that includes quiet countrysides, vibrant cities and cultural hubs, explore Ireland, England and Scotland on a British Isles cruise.
Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland.


Arriving in Ireland, you'll fall in love with the endless green hills, friendly local pubs and historic attractions of cities like Dublin.

Waterfront Quayside, South Hampton, England.


There's something for everyone in England — whether you prefer metropolitan meccas like London or the quiet countryside of the Cotswolds.

Insider Tips

1 It's useful to know the London Underground escalator etiquette, which is to stand on the right so commuters can rush by on the left.
2 Tipping is not customary across the British Isles like it is elsewhere in Europe and in North America. Some restaurants do add a service charge to bills.
3 If driving in the British Isles, remember Ireland road signs are in kilometers, while Great Britain uses miles instead.


Each country in the British Isles is known for its signature pub grub and comfort food dishes. These hearty and predominantly meaty meals keep locals warm in a region known for its bracing weather.

Stir the Pot
Made from slow-cooked meat — typically lamb or beef — and root vegetables such as potatoes, onions and carrots, a bowl of Irish stew with a side of crusty bread is only made better when washed down with a pint of Guinness.

The Proof's in the Pudding
Typically served on Sundays, a traditional British roast usually includes roast beef, roast potatoes, a side of vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, a baked pudding often served with gravy. Head to a London pub to tuck into this English tradition.

The O.G. Fish and Chips
Across the British Isles, you'll find thousands of restaurants and shops exclusively serving fish and chips, which first appeared in England in the 1860s. Flaky, tender white fish is deep-fried in a thin, crunchy layer of batter and served alongside thick-cut fried potatoes and "mushy" peas, as the locals call them, which are blended with cream or occasionally ultra-rich bone marrow.


There are many ports to visit across the British Isles, from Holyhead in Wales, to Lerwick in the remote part of Scotland, to bustling Belfast in Northern Ireland. Fortunately, the ports are a combination of both urban and rural destinations, so you can choose whatever suits your cruise style.

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